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Frequently Asked Questions



How long will my soap last in the shower?

This depends on how often you shower! If  you keep water from pouring down on the soap while it sits, each bar should last between two and three weeks on average.


How long will the soap make my bathroom smell great if I want to use the soap as decoration?

Months - and with stronger smelling soaps, up to a year!


It looks like fudge!  Can I eat it?



Do I use it like.....soap?

Yes!  It's sure pretty, but it's still soap.  Just use it like you would use a bar of soap.


How should I store my soap if I'm not going to use/give for awhile?

Soap should be stored in a cool and dry place like a clothes closet or drawer in a paper bag or paper box. Soap should not be sealed in a plastic bag, as it is constantly giving off moisture and could spoil if unable to breathe.


Why Buy Handmade Soap?

Generally, commercial soaps carried at most chain stores, etc. are full of chemical additives which not only dry out skin but can lead to rashes and other irritations. Additionally, most soap companies remove their soap’s natural, skin moisturizing glycerin.

Using commercial soaps over time can leave skin dried out, sensitive and feeling like its never clean.


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