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Sweetly Southern Deluxe Gift Set - 6 piece set


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Each Sweetly Southern Deluxe Gift Set includes one of each of the following:

- Sweetly Southern Bar Soap

- Sweetly Southern Shimmer Body Wash

- Sweetly Southern Hand Cream

- Pink Lacy Loofah

- Soap Saver

- Iron Bathtub Soap Dish

Let this soap roll you back to the low mists of early summer and the scent of 100% wild honeysuckle. While lathering with Sweetly Southern, you’ll notice an array of textures, from the soap’s satin-soft marbling of petal-pinks and greens, to its freckling of tiny sugar pearls on a faint frosting of cool-blue glitter. Each nicety extends otherwise-fleeting moments of calm, and secures a truly romantic, sultry fragrance to kissably-soft skin.

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