We've recently announced that we'll soon only be selling wholesale to stores, and no longer be selling directly to the customer.   Some of you have demanded answers!  Here they are!

Like most people, we assumed selling online would be the most lucrative part of our business. It turns out, that although people prefer our product over other natural soaps, they really like to smell them first, and don't like to have to pay extra to have them shipped. Makes sense.

Customers generally end up choosing to buy something local that they can smell (even if it's not as pretty). About 6 months ago we had the choice of going out of business, or perhaps reorganizing - mainly because we based our business purely on website sales directly to the consumer and soap is such a difficult thing to sell online (again, shipping costs and the inability to smell, which is a huge selling point).

Faced with the circumstances, we began exploring selling wholesale directly to stores.  Although stores loved our product, their main concern was that people would buy soaps from them, and then reorder from us.  The stores don't want to compete with us in selling our own product, which is a valid concern for the store (especially because they don't always understand that people prefer to buy soaps in stores, as opposed to online - and who would, other than an online soap company).  Anyway, we were having a really difficult time getting stores to carry our soaps if we also sold it online to their customers.  Which again,  is a pretty standard and valid concern for stores.

We decided to compromise and get FinchBerry soaps in at least 100 stores before we stopped selling online, that way our customer base would still have the ability to purchase our products.  So, we struggled for 6 months to convince stores that we would be taking the retail portion of our site down within 6 months.  So here we are.  We've heard from a majority of the stores that sell our product that our soaps are the fastest moving item in their store, and their customers regularly return to purchase more. Yay!  It's working!

 It'll be easier for us to sell to stores now that we no longer sell online to the public (although we'll still do some craft shows), so we expect the stores that carry our brand to double by next month, and again by January.

 Sorry again everyone, I know this feels like an inconvenience to some, but it'll feel much better when you find our soaps in a store, and you can finally smell them all (as opposed to smelling your computer screen).  

PS -  If you know of a store in your area that should carry our product let us know!  email: ashley@finchberry.com, or give them our website info!